iPad Program

Free Online Course: iPad Essentials

iPad Essentials

The California Department of Aging’s Digital Connections Program in partnership Senior Planet is offering a series of free online classes taught live over Zoom by Senior Planet technology trainers.


This 5-week course will cover the essentials of how to use the Apple iPad, how to navigate the internet, and how to send and receive email. By the end of the course, you’ll have a foundation for using an iPad and the internet to enrich your life.

General Information:

  • iPad Essentials Course, Hotline, Website, About Senior Planet
  • Getting Started with your iPad
  • Signing Up for Gmail
  • Creating an Apple ID
  • Video Chat with Zoom

You can also register directly at www.seniorplanet.org/digitalconnections. Ver esta página en español en https://seniorplanet.org/conexiones-digitales/

GetSetUp, Inc. offers virtual group classes for Older Adults 60 years of age and older to help you learn more about your iPad. Click here to view the informational flyer.

Please keep checking our website for application and program updates monthly for current and upcoming opportunities: iPad Programs | OC Office on Aging (ocgov.com).